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The Next Generation of SEO
Impact Search is a recognized leader in the dynamic world of modern SEO. We apply our years of expertise into getting your company’s online presence the spotlight it deserves by driving it to the top of the most widely used search engines. We use advanced SEO strategies to funnel viable organic traffic to your website without paid advertising, increasing the profile of your business while making the most of any promotional budget. The fast-changing world of SEO requires insight and forward thinking to stay at the top, and we pride ourselves on our progressive approach at Impact Search.
SEO, or search engine optimization, is the science of placing your website at the highest possible ranking within search results. In the past, SEO was achieved by placing a predetermined number of keywords into the content of a website or utilizing specific phrases relevant to the site to effectively trick the search engine into delivering it as a primary result. However, with the rise of smarter, more targeted search engines that place more emphasis on factors such as social media presence, external linkbacks and content quality, these once-clever tactics are much more likely to harm the ranking of your site than help it. At Impact Search, we do far more than wordplay. We are a total promotional solution for your company’s Internet presence, using a diverse set of cutting-edge tactics to effectively showcase your business and give you the competitive edge.
Pay Per Click Advertising
PPC, or Pay Per Click advertising, is an excellent way to push real, conversion-ready prospects to your website. The ads appear in the area of related search results to ensure that only those looking for them will find them. Unlike a traditional advertising campaign, you only pay for the displays that generate traffic. The clicks are virtually guaranteed to be from interested parties, making sure that every advertising cent counts. Impact Search will work closely with you to create a PPC campaign that will draw searching eyes to your advertisements and targeted clicks to your website.
Social Media Marketing
Although social media marketing is still emerging, it has quickly distinguished itself as one of the most cost-effective promotional methods. Social media allows real people to share the things they love with those who trust their opinions, and we can help make your business one of them! We will make your social media presence felt with a custom Facebook fanpage, professional-quality YouTube videos and more. In the digital age, there are few things more powerful than networking. Impact Search will use this extensive experience in social media marketing to help put this power in your hands.
Website Design
In case you somehow believe otherwise, looks matter in life. That especially includes the design of your website. The look of your landing page often determines whether a given user will stay around to explore anything further, and if you don’t have a website that stands out on first click, you’re losing out on valuable business. We will create a full-featured website with a design that reflects the brand of your business. As the shift to mobile technologies such as smartphones and tablets continues, so does our proficiency in mobile web design. We will also provide a matching mobile and tablet version of your website to ensure your Internet presence evolves with the industry.
In the world of today, every successful company needs a strong online presence, because if Google says you’re not important, they’re right. Impact Search is here to enhance the total Internet profile of your business. Impact and our parent company will work with you to design and implement a comprehensive and multifaceted SEO strategy that will make your mark on the Internet.